Beau Life

Sphere Necklace

$39 $45

These stunning geode pendant necklaces are a true statement piece in any wardrobe. 

When the color silver is used in gemstones, it amplifies the wearer's ability to be patient as well as persevere in difficult situations. It is also a symbol for riches and wealth. The color 'petrol spill' is a fascinating shade, that changes depending on how the light hits the surface of the stone. Its healing effects may be beneficial to anybody going through a spiritual awakening in need of new knowledge and truth.

The rounded chain sits comfortably on skin or clothing - no snagging guaranteed. Each piece is completely unique, due to the nature of the stone. This necklace comes with a 24k gold plated chain (approx. 45cm in length) and a luxurious velvet pouch for optimal protection and storage.

The pendant ranges from 30-60mm at any given angle (large). These druzy stones have been color-treated. 

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