Slow living is a movement that encourages us to slow down. If you are new to this subject you can read our article about the basics of the slow living movement. This movement actually arises after the slow food concept appeared, and as you can imagine, slow food movement occurs as a response to fast food massive growth.

We live in a constant rush and slow living is an invitation to slow down, nourish and enjoy life. This doesn't mean that we should throw our responsibilities through the window, instead, it shows us how to create moments to take care, nourish and renew. Because we are not machines, we cannot be productive all the time. In fact, we should not attempt this because the result could be burnout or other health problems that will in the end undermine your productivity. You can still be ambitious but you should also aim to achieve balance, in order to be productive in the long run, you should nourish the body, mind, and soul. 

Arrange your home according to your lifestyle, if you wish to slow down you can rethink your living space, to transform your space into a special place that invites you to relax. So if you would like to read more, create a reading corner with a good setup and light system to read day or night, if you have the space already in place you will more likely take some time off to read. Or if you wish to meditate or do yoga on a daily basis, create your meditation corner with a cushion or a chair and remember to make it enticing, add come crystals, essential oils, make it really welcoming. 

Embracing the rhythm of nature is also essential, each season invites us to different activities, different types of food, and we feel differently, with distinct energy levels. In the spring and summer enjoy some downtime at the beach or in a beautiful park, just chilling or doing fun activities. In the autumn and winter, you can appreciate different things, such as a movie with a hot cup of tea. We are not immune from a natural rhythm, so listen to your body and embrace that.

Nature is the best friend of the slow living movement, as it teaches us how to put effort into our goals while still taking care. That's why having some plants can also help to get in tune. If you plant a seed you will need to wait for all cycles and take care of it until it majestically grows! The same goes with us, we need to take action but also to stop, reflect and take care. Taking care of plants also trains our patience and acceptance of the things we cannot change.

Mindful activities are also welcome into this slow living concept, it's the ultimate invitation to slow down! There is an old zen saying – 'You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day unless you are too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.' And this is because when we are busy and stressed is when we need the most to slow down, recollect, concentrate, and think clearly. All things that meditation equip us with, but the benefits don't stop there, meditation also puts us in touch with our emotions and needs improving our mental health.

Put your love and attention into daily activities, if you have to do them, why not do them right and with care? After all, we are often the beneficiaries of those actions. If you are having a meal, slow down, take time to appreciate your food, if you are going to pick the groceries, make conscious choices and plan ahead. Another example, taking a bath and feeling tired? Well, why not do a self-massage as well. Be present and avoid automation, it doesn't need to be all the time, because automation also helps us save energy. But be willing to recognize when you need that extra care and attention, and to slow down a little bit.

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