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VitaJuwel "Era" Water Carafe, 1.3L

$60.00 USD
The “era” decanter marks a milestone in the manufacture of gemstone water. It combines elegant design and functional use.

The first carafe whose shape and application was specially developed for the VitaJuwel gemstone vials. A carafe with a striking design in which the gemstone vial seems to float. The vial hangs securely in the lid of the carafe so that it does not hit the carafe wall when pouring. Era can be easily filled via the spout in the lid without having to remove it. Thanks to its unique shape, the beautiful stainless steel spout also protects your drinking water from external pollution. Both the glass and the lid are dishwasher-safe.

Using the gals carafes is very easy:
Before using for the first time, remove the sleeve from the lid with light pressure from below and clean the individual parts thoroughly. Insert your VitaJuwel gemstone vial into the lid from below. Close the sleeve around the neck of the gemstone vial and screw the sleeve with the vial into the lid. Carefully insert the gemstone vial with lid into the decanter era. Close the decanter era with gentle pressure on the lid.

To remove the cover, we recommend that you turn it slightly while pulling it vertically upwards. Clean the decanter era in the dishwasher or by hand. The era carafe is dishwasher safe - please note the dimensions of your dishwasher and the dimensions of the carafe!

The carafe by Vita Juwel is made of pollutant-free glass.

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